Zubayda Shomamadova

I am the first staff grantee from Khorog State University within the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, gSmart Project. I came from Tajikistan to Salzburg on 5 th of June and stayed at Techno-Z Campus for a one month. My main purpose of visiting of PLUS University of Salzburg was to enhance my knowledge in using GIS in the Ecology field. First, I started to learn more about the GIS and for this reason I visited the Library at the PLUS University. I found some interesting books such as:

• “An introduction to GIS” Jan Heywood, Sara Cornelius, Steve Carver, Third edition;

• “GIS and science” Paul A. Longley, Michael F. Goodchild, David W. Rhind;

• “GIS for Ecology: an introduction” Wadsworth Richard, Treweek Jo

After reading of these books I realized that GIS is a relatively broad term that can refer to a number of different technologies, processes, and methods. GIS technology is used to manage and utilize geographic data and widely recognized as an essential tool in such diverse fields as forest management, urban planning, engineering and environmental studies. Secondly, as known a GIS is a computer-based system that collects, stores, displays and analyzes data, and then links the information to locations on a map. Therefore, I registered to ArcGIS online courses. I learnt mainly three of these courses: “Getting started with GIS (for Arc GIS 10)”, “Basics of geographic coordinate system (for Arc GIS 10)”, and “Using Arcmap in ArcGIS Desktop 10: certificate on GIS certificate2 сертификат3


 Thirdly, I attended lectures of qualified specialists as Wallentin Gudrun, Manfred Mittlboeck, participated in the different workshops like “Self organizing maps. Principles and applications” presented by Andre Skupin (Department of Geography, San Diego State University), and also attended the presentations of MSc and PhD degrees students. From 1st till 4th of July I would participate in GI Forum. The GI_Forum would be organized by the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS together with a group of international partners from academia, industry and education.DSC_1308

At last, I want to mention that my visit was not only professional but also culturally exchange. Salzburg is a historical city, which keeps the old traditions with beautiful architecture, castle on the mountain, old styled homes, traditional clothes and friendly people.



1 Response to Zubayda Shomamadova

  1. gsmartstaff says:

    Congratulations Zubayda, that you have successfully completed three Certificates! We wish you all the best with your further studies in GIS at Khorog State University.

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